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Day 7......first loves......

JB2 and Jessi-Girl together in 2010, Telephone Texas

I talk a lot about our JB. But there are two other "JBs" in our lives that he and I both fell in love with at first sight. Our big first baby, a Great Dane / Lab mix, we called Jessi (aka Jessi-Girl). We had just gotten married and were looking for our first puppy together. We were ready to go find us a beautiful Great Dane until our amazing friend brought over a puppy she was fostering. This pitch black little thing was pretty sickly: very malnourished. She could only eat a few morsels of food at a time or she would puke it all back up. Against the rules of our apartment lease, we agreed to keep her over the weekend. Well, that was all it took.....

I remember that first Sunday night before we had to give her back to her foster-mom, thinking "What if someone falls in love with her too and she is adopted first?" As I sat there on the couch enjoying our last few moments of our first few moments with her, Jessi walked over to me and put her head on my knee and looked up at me. I was hooked!! She rested her head on my knee for the next sixteen years. She was our very "first puppy love" as a couple. The day she left us was one of the lowest times in our marriage. We had been blessed by her for a long wonderful time. I am so thankful that all three of our children got to love her like my JB and I did.

Then Jackson (aka JB2 or Jax), our son, was born. Holy moly, what a day that was!!! It didn't take long for Jessi and Jackson to fall in love. Oh how she protected him. She'd sit as close to me as she could when I was holding him. She loved to smell his head. They were the best of buddies!! They grew up together and he loved her like a boy should love his dog.

First loves!! They hold the most wonderful "tummy butterfly feelings"!! It's pretty indescribable how that feeling of first falling in love truly feels; most of us have had that feeling, even as a small child. It's a scary feeling; it's vulnerable, scary, unknown. But, yet, when we feel it, even when it feels uncomfortable, we still keep moving toward it. Because it feels so great!!!

It's like taking that leap of faith and saying "Lets have a baby, honey." or "Let's have another baby, honey." or "Lets have a third baby, honey, even though we're almost 40 and the other two just got out of strollers and diapers and...."

It's like hearing the words, "OK, sweetie!" from the man of your dreams. Wow, he wants to have babies with me????

Even though Jessi is no longer here with us, and as heart-breaking as it was to lose her, we still want to fall in love with another puppy; putting our hearts out there, being vulnerable to out-live another living furry friend.

First loves that last are amazing! Even first loves that are short lived are amazing. They teach us how to communicate, how to compromise. They help us to discover who we are and who we might be more compatible with if this one isn't "the one".

Every day I am thankful for my first loves. My girls are my first loves too. Gosh, how I love those two sweet and spunky chicklets. Ok, now I'm getting a little emotional..... as I think of my "real" first loves I'm picturing my mother, father, and my grandparents. My personal birth story really put those six people (and the rest of the family) through some rough days/nights. How grateful I am to be here. And how grateful I am that Mom and Dad loved me so much that they had the courage and wanted to give me a sister or two or three!!!

Look at what having a first love feeling does to you!! It's like a wonderful happy addicting feels so good, you never want them to stop happening!

John 3:16

God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.

Now that's the most amazing first love feeling right there!!!

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