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Day 4……listen……

So many new challenges and life lessons have been learned in our household these past ten months. The shock of JBs death has brought on so many changes; changes to our every minute of every day.   Most of these challenges and lessons have been met head on with a strong sense of resistance followed by the screaming question, “Why?? Lord, why?”   And while we have been thrown into the trenches of reforming our lives, learning what our “new normal” is, we have one activity that we have stayed constant with; our small daily time of worship.

It doesn’t matter how early we get up and out of bed, we always seem to be rushing frantically out of the door for school and work. I can’t count how many times I hear, “five more minutes, mom” or “I’m up, I’m up! Geez!” or “I don’t want that for breakfast, don’t you know I have always hated that?”  And I’m sure they hate it when I’m continuously saying, “Hurry up, we’ve got to go, NOW!” It’s like their five minute warning, and boy, do they utilize every second of that warning call.

But once we are all in the car, the music starts and we are all quiet and calmer. It’s like when the crazy downpouring rainstorm suddenly just stops and the rainbow appears. It’s just like that; everything goes from complete and utter chaos to such a peaceful lovely hymn. The radio stations and playlists that have dominated the sound in the car have been contemporary Christian music constantly for the last several years.   As we pull out of the driveway, someone is almost always still getting ready for school. But now, we’re all singing along softly instead of yelling at one another.

Today, we pulled out of the driveway and got on our way just in time to hear the beginning of “Look Up Child” by Lauren Daigle. This has been our family theme song since the first time we heard it. This song helps us to remember that when all is not right in our world, when we feel like nothing can make us ever feel safe and happy again, we just need to Look Up!  The first time I heard this song was on a day I really needed to be told to look up. It was such a powerful moment for me. When I got to my destination, I added this song to my favorite playlist and sat in the parking lot and listened to it one more time; trying to take in every word and every beautiful note. I sat there and cried with my arms raised high!  The next morning, I turned this song on the minute we got into the car to go to school and I said, “Girls, I want you to really listen to the words in this song.” And they did…..they listened. Now, when this song comes on, we all listen, sing, and remember that all we need to do is look up!

So many songs have touched my little family’s lives in the past few years. Our interpretation to many of them changed instantly last December. What a blessing music is. What an incredible healer music can be.

And today, when this song came on, we worshiped. Me and my girls worshiped.  We sang along softly and we listened. We listened again to these words telling us to listen to our God and to trust that He’s in control and He will never leave us alone. Even in our very darkest moments, He will always be right there with us.  I tell my children to never be afraid to ask God those hard questions. We all need to verbalize our fears, our anxieties, our sadness. And when we do, He hears our cries and helps us through.  He listens!! He listens!!

“Where are you now

When darkness seems to win?

Where are you now

When the world is crumbling?

Oh I, I-I-I, I hear You say I hear You say

Look up child, ayy Look up child, ayy”

Thank you Lauren Daigle for sharing your amazing talents with the world. We are listening!

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