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MOOee Bueno!! (go to forums)

How did we come up with "MOOee Bueno"??  Funny story!


MOOee Bueno is a fun play on Spanish words, Muy Bueno, meaning "very good."  JB named his new cheese brand MOOee Bueno. Very Good Cheese. =) He was a simple but multilayered man. 


When JB got laid off in the summer of 2015, he decided to use his full six months of severance and benefit coverage to the fullest. He took it off and started making cheese. YES, he started making cheese. He researched and planned and experimented. He visited every farm in north Texas looking for the best raw milk products. He bought every tool you can imagine to make soft cheeses and hard cheeses. He even built a weighted pulley system in his office from three pieces of wood, a bungee cord and two jugs of water. He found a new passion and set out to make a good block of cheese. He even planned on a cheese tasting party and had me design t-shirts to add to the festivities. 

Then he landed a job that he absolutely loved (and I prayed for) and cheese making took a backseat to everything else. The message here is to not sit still when you are given a path of life that is not exactly what you expected. JB was never idle and was always willing to help figure out a solution for any problem.  This is why I feel so incompetent. He did all the heavy lifting here at the house and now I need to learn it all to keep up. 

So, I created the MOOee Bueno Blog. On these pages here, you will be able to ask questions or tell stories to help other new widows/ers make it through each day when they face a new responsibility; a new task that they may not not be psychically or emotionally prepared to take on.  

We all know, deep down, that we can do anything we set our minds to. But do we always remember this? NO!!  We will remind you!! You can dooo eeet!!  

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