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Toni B.

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My daily prayer for all who are grieving:   Thank you, Amazing Lord, for the time we had with those we have lost. We knew love, companionship, intimacy, and pain. We were together for long enough to know how much we loved each other, but short enough to be too brief.  Thank you, Gracious God, for giving our children an amazing mother / father who was loving, gentle and strong; who taught them how to love and to take care of their father / mother. 

You know the pain of loss and grief. You know how devastating it is to lose someone you love. We pray for healing from the pain, and Your comfort in this time of healing. We pray for your constant presence and love to overcome us. We feel your love in all that we do. Give us the strength we need to live life to the fullest after knowing love and losing love. Amen.

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